The Boys Take Ireland

Ever so conveniently my dad and brother Mitch were going to be landing in Dublin on the Sunday I was in Dublin. So obviously I figured I might as well go see them when I was in town since it’d been nearly 2 months since I’d seen dad and almost 2 and a half since I’d seen Mitch.

I told Mitch to shoot me a message once they handed and then again when they got to the hotel. Instead, at around 10am I got a message that said “here” in very typical Mitch fashion. Once he finally clarified that they were at the hotel I headed on my way over. The hotel was only a 15 minute walk and I was already somewhat familiar with the area as it was near the pick up for the Viking Splash tour we’d done the day before. Once I got to the hotel I asked the concierge which room they were in and he showed me to there room. I gave a few knocks and welcomed myself in only to find dad sound asleep and Mitch nowhere in sight. Dad woke up and I gave him a nice big bear hug and we had a nice little chat. Turns out Mitch went exploring without a phone, map, or any sense of direction. He said he’d only be half an hour or so.

2 hours and a little while later he finally returned and we were able to start our day. I gave them a little bit of a tour of Dublin and we stopped for some coffee. We wandered the streets until it was time to meet back up with the girls and grab lunch. Dad and I had seafood chowder with our drinks of choice and I think Mitch had a beef pie. I enjoyed their company and introduced them to all my friends before we had to say goodbye until next weekend when they were coming to Limerick to visit.

We went our separate ways and after doing a little more shopping the girls and I hopped on a bus back home. As much as I enjoyed Dublin and seeing my fam, I’m not going to miss all this bussing around (I say as I’m sitting on a bus to Dublin Airport a month later).

Until next time, xo!


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