Scotland Day 3-Stirling

It took us a little while to figure out what we were going to get up to today, but after trying to figure out the bus systems and scheduling, Jacob planned us a trip to Stirling, a smaller city not too far away from Glasgow. I personally was a little tired from the very full and busy day before so I was fine with not going on a massive hike, like we had originally planned.

We didn’t leave for Sterling until later in the morning, so we didn’t have to wake up too early, even though I always do anyways. We didn’t have much of a plan for Stirling other than to check out the castle and another monument, but since Jacob had yet to visit Stirling we weren’t sure how long everything would take. The castle queue wasn’t very long at all, likely because it was Sunday morning in November, but it was very nice to not be surrounded with tourists.

The Castle and all its museums took us near 5 hours, and unfortunately I cannot tell you a very detailed description of everything just because there was soooo much to see. We checked out the tapestry, the kitchens (yes plural-like 6), the King’s and Queen’s rooms, gardens, the building materials, the Great Hall, and everything in between. Everytime I thought we were done there were 4 or 5 more rooms to be discovered. We decided part way through to stop for a snack in the little restaurant in the castle because we were hungry and still knew there was much more to see.

My favourite parts were probably the Regimental museum or the Royal Palace. I’m fascinated by the uniforms in the Regimental museums and the Scottish history in war and battle.

Because we were so satisfied with our time at the castle we decided that we would just head back home rather than walk all the way across town to the other monument that we really didn’t know how (or if) you could get to it. On our way back to the bus station we checked out a nearby church and cemetery, and wandered a little bit through the streets of Stirling, which were adorable. We missed our bus by a split second and had a little extra time, so we sat down in a nearby McDonald’s and enjoyed a McFlurry, because it’s never too cold for ice cream if you’re Canadian.

When we got back to Glasgow we stopped for some groceries and decided we’d pig out and get pizza and ice cream because it was on sale. Overall, a great decision.

Stirling Castle surpassed my expectations by far and in fact, I liked it much more than Edinburgh, so if you ever have the chance, I strongly suggest checking it out!



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