Glasgow, Scotland

So it’s been a long time (like a month and a bit) since I’ve last blogged because I’ve been so busy with school and such. But, you’ll be happy to hear I am done and now I can catch up!

Let’s rewind a month, to November 3. I flew out of Dublin, as usual to Glasgow which was a nice and short but delayed flight. I think I arrived at Jacob’s flat in Glasgow around 8 or 9, which wasn’t too bad, but I’d been travelling a good 6 hours just getting to the airport, waiting for my flight, flying and then getting from the airport to my friend’s flat. We enjoyed some spaghetti for dinner and did some catching up, as we realized it had been nearly 3 years since we had last seen each other. Friendships are weird like that, but they are fantastic.

On Friday Jacob had to go to school so I ventured off in Glasgow for the day. I started off at the university and made my way downtown. Thankfully the weather was good and not raining, so I had a nice day ahead of me. The streets of Glasgow are quite cute, especially the pedestrian streets. I wandered in and out of a few shops, listened to some street performers and then headed for the town centre. The first thing I passed was the Duke of Wellington statue which had a street pylon atop it. I didn’t think much of it, but laughed and took a picture to show Jacob when I got back later that night. Turns out the pylon is an ongoing joke and has been going on for years on end. Each time the officials took the pylon off it would be back on by the following morning. Finally they just gave up, and that’s just how it is. After seeing that I came across the Museum of Modern Art, and since the museums in Scotland are free and I had time I decided I’d check it out. Not for me. The first exhibit was this weird sex-art room, which was, from my interpretation nothing. There wasn’t much on the walls, but there was a video and a bunch of books on a table to read about uses of clothing in sex and stuff of that nature… But it was abstract, not science based, so I don’t really understand. I went to the next floor which had a few blurry pictures of landscapes and such, but nothing that interested me. By the third floor I turned around and left. Maybe modern art is for you, but it sure isn’t for me.

Once I finally found George square, I took some pictures of the city chambers and wandered through the streets some more. My next mission, and really my only mission for the day was to get to the Necropolis on the far side of town. Instead of heading East, I headed South and got pretty turned around. It was about 1pm by now so I was hungry anyways and needed wifi to figure out my location. I was in what I considered the slums of Glasgow, which were a little dodgy, but I finally came across a nice building with an ad for a 5 pound lunch with drink. Perfect-cheap! I went inside and a security guard asked for ID, and immediately I said I wasn’t going to have a drink. Then he asked for a membership which really caught me off guard. Turns out I was eating at a casino, but oh well! I enjoyed some cheap and pretty good fish and chips, figured out where I was and went on my way.

It was about a half hour walk to the Necropolis, but at least I knew where I was going this time. The Necropolis is a massive cemetery in East Glasgow, and it takes over a pretty decent sized hill, which from the top of provides a beautiful view of the city. I explored for at least an hour, because cemeteries are fascinating and the stone work was so intricate and beautiful.

It took over an hour for me to get back to Jacob’s just because I tried to take the same route and ended up a few streets up at the university rather than his house. I got back around 4, but I knew he wouldn’t be home until closer to 5. I rung the doorbell hoping one of his roommates would let me in the building but nobody answered. Eventually a girl let me in and I went to his flat and nobody was home, so I just hung out outside for a while (an hour) until someone came home. Thankfully there was internet and I had boughten snacks for later on in the evening.

Glasgow was beautiful and I couldn’t wait to see more of Scotland!


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