Our flight this morning was departing Milan Bergamo at 10:40am, so unfortunately we had to wake up earlier than usual. On top of this, I was unable to get to sleep until 1am, where I slept in a little entrance way to the bathroom on the floor to avoid mom and Mike who were snoring something awful. Not even an hour into my sleep, mom tried to come into the bathroom without knowing my sleeping situation and screamed when she tripped over me, which obviously woke me up. In total I slept maybe 4 hours. We had set our alarms for 6am so that we had time to get dressed, pack up our bags, double and triple-check the room and then squeeze in a few minutes of breakfast.

We rushed through breakfast, but nonetheless were able to get some food and coffee into our systems before a busy day of travelling. We took a cab to the main bus station and hopped on the first bus to the airport. I tried my best to sleep on the hour-long bus ride but was unsuccessful and disappointing. The airport wasn’t as rushed and therefore wasn’t as stressful either. We had plenty of time to go through security and browse duty-free before making our way to the gate. My roommates, who were also catching this flight weren’t as successful and I caught them running to line up for the flight as we were boarding, ooops!

The flight was good, probably the best I’ve had thus far with Ryanair. We landed, hobbled mom to customs, and then had to wait in line for close to an hour to get our passports checked, which was a bit of a drag. We did get through eventually and finally made our way to the car and drove back home. All in all it was a fantastic weekend, and I certainly plan on returning to Italy sometime in my life.


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