Saturdaze in Milan

Day two, and the last full day in Milan. Woke up, rolled outta bed, got dressed and headed downstairs to enjoy another fantastic breakfast. This time I tried an espresso or two and a few cappuccinos, along with more delicious baked goods and some fruit (staying healthy, clearly).

Unfortunately, momma Joyce’s foot was hurting her something awful, so we tried to avoid walking whenever possible. First on my list of things to do and see was the San Bernardino alle Ossa, which is a smaller cathedral just a few streets away from the Duomo with an ossuary (room made of bones from dead human bodies). Although the room itself isn’t too large it definitely contains a whole lot of bodies. I’ll attach a picture for reference. It was really cool in the creepiest of ways, but I definitely wouldn’t want to be in there overnight all alone, that’s for sure.

After checking that out, we headed back to the main square by the Duomo and did a little bit of shopping and sight-seeing along the city streets. Eventually mom decided she was ready to take a load off her feet and sit down so we ventured down some side streets and came across a restaurant where I enjoyed another cappuccino. Rather than continuing walking aimlessly, we decided to hop on a vintage city tram which we thought was heading in the direction of another shopping district we were looking to check out. Unfortunately it was heading the complete opposite direction, but it was a nice ride regardless and avoided the problem of walking. When the tram finished it’s route we hopped onto another and headed back to the castle and Porte Sempione for some photos. According to our map there was a different shopping street a few streets over, so we decided to head in that direction. Although it took longer than expected we got there and even mom had to admit it was worth the painful walk (for her at least).

We checked out a few of the boutiques and scouted out some restaurant options for a late late lunch. Along the sidewalks were a number of vendors selling a variety of faux-leather handbags and a backpack I just knew I needed in my life. Being the bargain hunters we are, mom and I paired up and tag-teamed to get a deal. Thankfully most of the vendors had the same bag so we were able to talk a few of them down. Some offered 40, some asked for 60, one even told us it was “real vintage Michael Kors” as if I would ever believe that AT ALL. Eventually mom wore one of them down to 18 Euros, which was close enough to my goal price of 15.

After bargain hunting we sat down at an awesome but admittedly hipster restaurant, with it’s own deli. Once again we struggled a little with the menu and pricing but finally settled on a charcuterie board (my absolute favourite). I also ordered a glass of limoncello which I expected to be a more authentic lemonadey alcohol mix, rather than the small glass of about 3 shots of at least 40% alcohol. Not really what I expected, especially at lunch. The charcuterie board was fantastic, quite possibly one of my favourite meals thus far on my adventures, even though it’s not remotely new to my palette.

Since our lunch was so late, we decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea to hop onto the underground and head back to the hotel. Once we got back we did a little packing for our early flight the next morning and then took some time to relax in bed. But, before going to bed, I knew I couldn’t leave Italy without pizza. Mike thankfully volunteering to get us a pizza while I showered and mom had a “power nap” as she calls them. When he got back (after getting lost and completely turned around) we enjoyed a cheesy, delicious veggie pizza in bed and called it a day.



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