Friyay, I’m in Milan!

After a nice long night’s sleep we woke up refreshed and excited to start the day. Because of the time difference, we woke up later than we would have liked (although it was only 8am, we like to start early).

To start the day we enjoyed one of the best complimentary breakfasts of my life. The hotel had an amazing coffee machine which brewed up a fresh latte, cappuccino or espresso on demand, and if that wasn’t suiting, they had a fresh batch of hot chocolate. And not the hot chocolate that we think of in North America, this was liquid chocolate. Thick and creamy and delicious. Alongside my hot chocolate, cappuccino and latte (lots of caffeine, I know) I enjoyed caprese salad for breakfast, a sandwich with genoa salami, my favourite, fruit salad and a plate full of desserts and pastries. I’m in Italy, I’ll eat what I want to.

After breakfast we walked to the metro and took the redline into the city centre and hopped off at the Duomo. The Duomo might just be the most magnificent Cathedrals I’ve seen in my life, and I’ve seen quite a few. My photos don’t do it justice at all. I’m speechless, and that is rare.

We bought tickets up to the terraces which provided a beautiful view of Milan. The climb up allowed us to get up close with all the intricate detailing in the pillars and designs of the building. When we got down we explored the interior of the cathedral, which was phenomenal as well. I was most interested in the crypts and preserved bodies in the Catholic shrines. The bodies are perfectly preserved, and although they are masked, you can tell that the work in the preservation is exceptional. The main crypt, which is below the Cathedral, holds the preserved body of Saint Carlo Borromeo, who died in 1584. You read that right, 1584. A little gory, but also pretty neat.

Following this we found a hop-on, hop-off bus tour of Milan. Mom really likes them because you get to see all of the major sights and it saves time trying to figure out public transit. I’ll admit they are very convenient.

We checked out the Sforza Castle, which is one of Europe’s largest citadels in the 16th and 17th century. We wandered through the grounds until I found a street vendor selling gelato, so naturally I had to indulge. I had a nice big cone with a scoop of tiramisu, pistachio, and lemon gelato, which was delicious. After that we hopped back onto the bus and travelled around the city a little longer before returning to the Duomo and taking the underground back to the hotel.

We got a little lost trying to get back to the hotel, but after 45 minutes we found our way back. We got a little R&R before heading down the street for some dinner at a tucked away ma and pa place. The language barrier proved to be really strong because not only did we get a new waiter because the first one got frustrated with us, we also had no idea what the menu was or how it worked. Mom interpreted it one way, I interpreted it another, and so did Mike, we were really a lost cause. We finally ordered and were served some pretty good pasta dishes and Mike got a plate of prawns and shrimp and nothing else. All in all, I enjoyed my dish, but it was certainly confusing and took a long time. I left dinner before mom and Mike did and walked back to the hotel to shower before they got back

and slide into bed.


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