It’s been nearly two weeks since I did any blogging because unfortunately school has been pretty heavy and has kept me quite busy. In all honesty, I should probably be doing school work now, but I’m not, I’m here.

I’ll start with Wednesday night and quickly move into Thursday.

On Wednesday after class mom and Mike picked me up from my residence at UL and drove me back to their cottage in County Clare. It was kind of a last minute decision, so I frantically packed up my travel bags for the weekend and some laundry so I could leave as soon as they got here.

Their cottage is really cute and located out about 40 minutes from UL on a golf course. I unloaded my bags and had some snacks, courtesy of mom before relaxing on the couch for a few hours. For dinner we went to a local bar (Peppers) with another couple from the golf course who we met on the shuttle from the golf village to the pub. I enjoyed a heaping plate full of bangers and mash, a few drinks and listened to the trad band for a few hours before going back home and to bed.

Thursday morning at around 10am we left for Dublin, which took a lot longer than we expected because we got lost and ended up detouring a few times. When we finally got to Dublin we parked the car and wandered around the streets for a few hours. We checked out the Temple Bar district which was relatively busy, but not crowded by any means. By now it was near 2pm so we grabbed lunch at a bar before exploring a little more. We came across a few Cathedrals and some other neat sights before venturing back to find the car and grab more coffee.

Unfortunately traffic was crazier than we expected and we ended up arriving pretty late at the airport. Late as in we should have been there at 4pm and we got there close to 5:30. Once we finally reached the airport we parked, bused to our terminal and full-on ran through the airport, bypassed the lines at security, and sprinted to our gate. Nobody had boarded yet, but boarding started 10 minutes after we arrived so we were able to use the washrooms and wipe the sweat off of our foreheads before hopping on the plane.

The flight was just over 2 hours and was a pretty smooth flight. Although I wasn’t able to sleep, mom and I played some of the airplane games we used to play when I was little. Basically we go through the little duty-free shopping book and guess each others’ favourite thing from each page. If there is a map in the magazine, mom makes me try and recite all the country capitals, which isn’t as fun as it seems. When I was like 10 I knew an impressive amount of country capitals because we played this “game” on every car ride to and from the cottage or skiing. Now I don’t think I could name more than 20.

When we landed in Milan Bergamo airport we hopped onto a city shuttle to the main bus station in Milan, which took around an hour to get to. From there we grabbed a taxi to our hotel and checked in for the weekend. The hotel was really really nice and the beds made it very easy to immediately fall asleep after a full day of travel.




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