A Canadian Thanksgiving

Monday morning we left from Paris BVA airport to return to Dublin and then bus back to Limerick to return from our trip. My friends and I had planned on making a Thanksgiving dinner on Monday night for Sandra and Nicole who had never experienced Thanksgiving. Unfortunately Jess and I had a very long morning of travel via bus and train, so we didn’t get home until mid-afternoon.

When we finally did get home we cleaned up, got dressed in our Thanksgiving best (really nothing fancy) and headed over to Rachel and Nicole’s apartment where we’d have dinner. Thankfully Rachel, Nicole and Sean had done the groceries earlier in the day so we wouldn’t have to rush once we got back from our trip. One problem with Ireland is that they lack all things pumpkin, so we had to take pumpkin pie off of our menu. We also had to replace the traditional turkey with a chicken because it would fit in our tiny oven and didn’t require an entire day to defrost. Gravy is also nowhere to be found in any Irish grocery stores, which was a disappointment to our mashed potatoes, but not the end of the world in any means.

Nicole made a delicious apple pie for dessert, Rachel made a macaroni dish her mom always makes at Thanksgiving, and I made an apple cider Sangria (minus the cider because that’s also not a thing in Ireland) which turned out to be really good despite the lack of ingredients.

The final meal consisted of chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, macaroni, fresh buns, cranberry sauce, apple pie and ice cream. We decorated the table with some fallen leaves I picked off the ground on the walk to Rachel’s and some flowers Nicole and Rachel picked from a garden on campus (oops!).

Although it wasn’t quite a Thanksgiving like we usually have at home, it was lots of fun and definitely one for the books. It’s always lots of fun sharing a great meal with great friends! Happy Thanksgiving!


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