City of Lights in 2 Days: Day 1

I see we meet again! I’m hoping this means you’re enjoying my narrative ramblings, or maybe you’re just here for adventure, or quite possibly your name is Joyce and you’re checking up on your daughter’s well-being in every way possible (love you momma!). Nonetheless, you’re here and that’s what matters. I suppose I should get started…

I’m going to backtrack a tad and tell you that my long-time friend Jess is across the pond to visit me during her reading week, and therefore she will be part of my this adventure. She flew in on Thursday and arrived here in Limerick in mid-afternoon. I purposefully didn’t make any extraordinary plans for Friday just because I had a feeling she’d be tired and jet-lagged, just like I was when I first arrived: I was correct.

So, after spending Friday night at international night at Stables we woke up at a good hour Saturday morning and headed by bus to Shannon airport. We left from Shannon to Paris BVA via Ryanair just before the noon hour. The flight wasn’t anything exciting enough to share, other than the fact that once we landed the French Airport Police had to escort a man off of our plane. No harm, no foul I guess. There was a little bit of a backup in the airport at the immigration check-in, so we waited aboard the plane for  about half an hour before we could actually go into the airport and get through the check-in. Once that was finished we hopped on a bus from Paris BVA airport to Porte Malliot, the bus centre in Paris.

Rather than cab from the bus station to our hostel we decided we’d save our money and walk to our hostel. Although the walk was long is was a good introduction to Paris, especially for Jess. The road we walked on was a few streets over from the Arc de Triomphe so at one of the intersections we got a clear view of it. At the end of this road we arrived at the Palais de Chaillot which overlooks the bridge to the Eiffel Tower, which, I’d argue might be one of the best views of the Tower in all of Paris, but clearly others agree as it was very busy on a late Saturday afternoon. After walking around the Tower and through the Champ de Mars we went to find our hostel. The hostel was about a 20 minute walk from the Tower which was very convenient, and the neighbourhood consisted of a lot of middle-class shops, boutiques, cafes, and other specialty stores.

When we arrived at our hostel it was almost 18:00 and we had already had a pretty full day so we were quite tired. The hostel itself was very nice, well-kept, friendly, clean and modern; certainly the nicest I’ve been too so far. We retreated to our room and spent some time relaxing on our beds before heading back out to the streets in search of dinner.

We ended up going to a restaurant recommended to us by the concierge at the hostel called A La Tour Eiffel (I know, how touristy!) which was quite busy with French speaking people, so we assumed if it’s good for “locals,” it’s good for us! It was a little pricier than what I was hoping, but then again, Paris. I had veal (one of my favourite dishes) with salad and fries and Jess had a steak and potatoes. The meal itself was very good, the veal almost melted in my mouth, but it would have been nice if the portions were been bigger, but as I said, this is Paris. After eating our dinner we wandered the streets again before deciding to go back to the hostel and go to bed. Day 1 complete, day 2 to come soon!


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