Northern Ireland: P3

I’ll let you know in advance that this is the least exciting part of my weekend. Don’t set your expectations too high.

Erin and I woke up at 7 because we thought breakfast was being served at 7:30, which was what the nice owner of the B&B (Joan- what a sweetie) had told us the day before. Later we realized that breakfast started at 7:30, but would be served until shortly after 10. Oh well. We enjoyed fresh made scrambled eggs, toast, a variety of cheeses, fruit salad and a fresh pot of coffee with some older Irish men staying in the B&B, and then retreated back upstairs into bed, as the bus wasn’t leaving until 10. When we came back down to get on the bus they were still serving breakfast to the other girls and our tour guides, so I grabbed another piece of toast to hopefully tie me over until lunch.

The bus ride back was going to be 7 hours which is a very long time to be on a bus with 26 other students. Lucky for us, the 7 hours included our 3 stops for coffee and refreshments, the bathroom and then another for lunch, so we were set to be back in Limerick around 5pm. Our tour guide, Mikey, had a pretty good playlist on for most of the trip so when I wasn’t sleeping I was enjoying the music and singing along on occasion. Poor Erin gets car sick and quite possibly overdosed on her medication, as she was pretty much asleep for the whole ride.

By some miracle we arrived in Limerick an hour early and caught the next bus back to UL from the city centre. By the time we got home we were very excited to unpack and just not be on a bus. The trip was phenomenal, and I would certainly do it again sometime, but for now I’ve had enough of busses!


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