Better When I’m Dancin’

This week kicked off recreational dance at my home university WLU and I had a serious case of FOMO. Not only were a lot of my friends teaching this year, but it was also my first time in 2 years not dancing, and I was not ok. Thankfully UL has a great dance society! Last week was their first general meeting where I got a committee position as a class coordinator! My role includes helping with set-up and signing everyone into class, collecting money and memberships, going to committee meetings and helping with the UL dance events. Another added bonus is that I get unlimited free classes!

On Monday I took a Zumba class for the first time ever and holy, it is tiring. The instructor was so much fun and the class was a blast, but I was nearly dead by the end of it. Tuesday I went to hip-hop and contemporary which were fantastic too. Did I mention that I’m in an Irish Music and Dance class for school as well? As part of the course you have to sign up for a related weekly tutorial, so I chose dance, which means I do Irish dance tutorials once a week. I was expecting this week to be an easy intro, but the teacher worked us hard and we learned an entire Ceili dance. So, if you are keeping track, by Tuesday night I’ve done 3 hours of dance classes and an hour of dance tutorial. On Wednesday I did Irish dance and Thursday I took a jazz class and then had a committee meeting to talk about adding new classes, events and other fun stuff.

I’m so happy to be getting involved and meeting some Irish students through the UL Dance program. They are so welcoming and fun, I already know I’m going to miss my new dance fam when I have to leave!


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