Castles on Campus?

Top of the morn’in to ya. Okay, nobody actually says that here, at all. Actually I bet if you said that someone might even be offended. Yet again, Irish people are so chill they’d likely just laugh and pour another drink.

I had heard that UL had 2 castle ruins on campus and I still had yet to check them out, so today was the day. My buddy Sean and I hit the trails early in the afternoon and went on a hunt for the castles. The first one we went to we both had seen because Rachel has a clear view from her apartment balcony to it. It was only a short walk past the campus boathouse and is mainly comprised of a single tower and a few walls. To climb up you have to squeeze through a small opening and then you can get up to the top on the spiral staircase. The view up here was phenomenal.

The second castle, which took significantly longer to walk to was quite a bit bigger, but unfortunately covered in graffiti. There was a group of students there smoking up the place and listening to some tunes so we didn’t get to explore as much as we would have liked.

All in all, UL campus is pretty phenomenal, I mean my campus doesn’t have a castle, let alone 2? Rumour has it there’s a third castle, so I’d imagine I’ll be there in a short while. Until then, thanks for reading!


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