Killarney -Not Like Home

I was drawn to Killarney, Ireland simply for the name, as there is a beautiful town named Killarney not too far from my mom’s house at home. Once again, because of my stubborn desire to see this city I decided to take the reins and find a bus to and from Killarney, and so I did.  The team, as I will now refer to them, joined along and hopped on an 8am bus from UL to Killarney city centre.

When we arrived we were set to find some food, and of course, coffee. Sandra, who is from Denmark, has a love for cakes and baked goods in general. Apparently candy, sweets and cakes have crazy high taxes in Denmark so you don’t buy them as often. Maybe North American should look into this tactic, just saying. Anyways, we (Sandra specifically) found a little bakery with cakes and tarts and enjoyed some snacks there before venturing off.

On our walk to Killarney National Park we stopped by another St. Mary’s Cathedral (this is the 3rd I’ve seen in a week) and continued to the park. The park itself had some beautiful trails through it and the views were breathtaking. Obviously I’ll attach some photos below so you can see what I mean. The trail led us to Ross Castle which was perched on the edge of the lake with a clear view to the mountain peaks. I’ve decided the castle life is the life for me, so if you see any real estate on a student budget, hit me up please and thanks.

After the hike we explored town and got some more to eat. After our lunch we stopped for gelato, as if we needed anymore sugar. On a sugar induced

high we hit up some of the craft stores and other local businesses. The towns here are all so quaint and homey. Houses and buildings are all very similar but painted in a variety of pastel rainbow hues which makes the streets look like something out of a fairy tale. It’s gorgeous here.

Our day ended with another sleepy bus ride home and another excellent day for the books, or the blogs, or whatever. Goodbye Killarney, you will be missed.


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