The Real* Reason I’m Here: School

The first week of classes was both a lot easier than I was expecting, yet also so much more confusing.

As an international exchange student I’m not actually officially registered in classes, so in week one I just got to take classes I was interested in or was hoping to take, and then by week 3 I’d have to make a decision. I’ve now registered in 5 courses: Gaelic Folklore, Irish Music and Dance, Psychology of Personality, Political Psychology and Applied Psychology. Originally I planned on taking 4 psych courses, but one didn’t really work out right so I signed up for Gaelic Folklore. I don’t regret the switch at all, it’s so cool to study the culture and history of Ireland, and I know that I’ll never be able to study them while in Ireland ever again, so why not!

The profs here are super laid back and great. My Gaelic Folklore prof who is an older Irish lady flat out told us to go travel and see the world while we’re here and that if we had to miss class just to email her in advance and she’d send us all the notes. Pretty cool, right?

The main difference is that instead of smaller assignments, quizzes and papers, there is typically 2 major assignments. Most of my classes have a major essay (two are worth 75% – yikes!) and a smaller assignment or midterm. Also, they don’t have required texts or readings, they just have recommended supplementary readings. Some of the readings for classes are really helpful but some are just for your own expansion of knowledge and aren’t really related to the main topics in the course.

Another thing is that this campus is a maze. I’ve gotten lost nearly every time I’ve been to campus this week. Somehow I get turned around and have to detour an extra 20 minutes to get back to my place at Plassey Village which is not-so-conveniently located like 10 minutes off of campus, but it’s a beautiful walk so it’s really not too bad.

So far I love my classes and am really interested in what i’m studying, so cheers to a great semester!



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