Irish Land- An Intro

So I suppose I have a lot of catching up to do. Let’s rewind to about 3 weeks ago, getting off the plane, initial thoughts and feelings and whatnot. I’m gonna skip the most of the flight part and customs because honestly it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. Here we go!

First things first, I flew out of Toronto (YYZ) and into Dublin. Anyone who knows me well knows that emotions aren’t my forte. Either I don’t have them, or I can just hide them really well. One could say the same thing about my dad. But, that being said, we both shed a tear (or 3 – yes dad, I saw ya) as I got in line for my flight. I was excited, nervous, a little anxious, underprepared, excited and did I say excited?

As mentioned I’m going to bypass the whole flight part…I arrived by bus from Dublin to Limerick city centre where I got picked up by my international buddy. This, in all technicality, was the first Irish person I would say more than a few sentences to. Turns out she was actually born in England, but she was a gem regardless and took me to my student village at UL. I stayed at the cheapest student accommodations because I’m all about saving money to travel. Basically, what I mean is that I live in a very small, not very great 8 person apartment/house thing. My roommates are pretty good so far, thankfully.

Campus is beautiful and very green. Everything is very green. Green and rainy. My god it rains a lot. I mean I expected a little bit of rain every few days, but it often rains a few times A DAY. There’s also a lovely river that runs through campus (Shannon River, if you’re curious). It’s a little bit murky but I’m spoiled by Georgian Bay and Lake Huron.

School doesn’t actually start until next week so I have a lot of orientation things this week and a bunch of events which ranged from Irish dancing shows to International night at a pub on campus called Stables (new home?).

I have a feeling I’m going to love it here and cannot wait to actually start doing things!



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